Our Lifecycle Framework explains how we think advocacy throughout the lifecycle, not just at the end when it is causing harm during operation, can improve public benefits technology fairness. The Lifecycle Framework identifies the phases as well as information, ways to participate, and case study examples at each phase.

Understanding the Lifecycle of Benefits Technology

Benefits technology may often seem like it all happens in a black box and the technology just makes a decision, but there is a lifecycle of devising a plan to use technology to address the problem, contracting to build or use the technology, building the technology, and operating it. We often only become aware of benefits tech at the operating stage when harm is occurring, but we want to change that. Our Lifecycle Framework explains the lifecyle phases and for each phase identifies formal and informal ways to get information about the benefits technology, ways to participate to shape that technology and its impact, and links to examples in our Case Studies Library. In our experience, understanding where you are in the lifecycle can help shape your advocacy and the Lifecycle Framework is intended to help advocates orient themselves and identify advocacy steps for where they are in the lifecycle.

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Lifecycle framework illustration